This site contains mostly before/after retouching samples as well as key art, mechanical builds completed for various advertising, print collateral, P.O.P, outdoor, transit and digital media campaigns.
Creative and Production Services include: Raw-Photo Processing | Color Correction | Image Cleanup and Retouching | Masking | Shadows | Image Compositing/Manipulation | Extensions | Pre-media: Key art/Mechanical Builds | Type Effects | Technical Illustration | Digital Asset Management
Retouched subject matter includes various materials and objects including body, portrait, skin tones, fabric and metals, food, beverage and product, automotive, recreational vehicles and others.


A transplant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I relocated to the DFW Metro about nine years ago and currently have twenty-plus years of experience in the Advertising/Design and Post-Production field. I first learned photoshop 3.0 from studying the Bible (Photoshop) on a MacPro 7200 1.2 GB HD back in 1994. My education is in Graphic Design and Photography and specialty is retouching and digital imaging. Finishing projects that demand precise craftsmanship, technical skill and artistic sensibility is what I crave and where I thrive. Working in several agencies as a designer, production guy and retoucher has provided me with a wide variety of problem solving opportunities. Always cool-under-pressure, with a can-do attitude, I am
eager to take on most retouching opportunities. Projects have been completed for a substantial client list and I am grateful to all of the Art Directors, Photographers and Clients that provide these opportunities. My goal is to produce images of the highest quality achievable, with seamless compositing and adjustments that significantly enhance, yet maintain a natural appearance. When not on a Mac, I enjoy excursions in my canoe and being outdoors. I am an avid fisherman and partake in pretty much all things sports related including volleyball and golf. If you are looking for a reliable resource for retouching and production, please get in touch. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to collaborating on your next project.





3D 30%
Color Correction 99%
Comping 99%
File Management 99%
Fine Art/Drawing/Painting 90%
Graphic Design 85%
Illustration/Technical 90%
Layout 90%
Packaging 80%
Photography 90%
Premedia 90%
Problem Solving 95%
Production 99%
Project Management 95%
Retouching 99%
Timeline Animation 60%
Trouble-Shooting 95%
Typography 95%
Web/Blog 60%
Video Editing 35%
Visual/Brand Identity 85%

client experience

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